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Mañana era la ER. Esta vez preferia no arriesgar. En 2 operaciones 3400$ en pocos dias. No me puedo quejar.


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b2k sobre este mercado:

A Tale of Two Biotechs

I follow 26 biotechs on all my watch lists. When I look at them 20 of those 26 are at or near all time highs. There are 6 that are beat down and looking cheap in DCPH, GTHX, SGMO, RCKT, ATRA and MRKR. This has led be to believe that biotech was in a huge valuation bubble since so many companies that I own or follow are extremely expensive. 

I was talking with Harry yesterday, and he mentioned how so many biotechs are taking a beating. I was surprised so I went looking. I was able to quickly come up with a list of 15 or so companies that I call the dogs of biotech. I don't use that term to mean they are bad in my opinion. I use it to say the market has treated them as such. That has led me to go forth and investigate these labeled dogs to see if they have fleas or if they are worth betting on for a comeback.

The first conclusions I see with this list is the majority of these companies are cheap for good reason. They have issues that make them "higher risk" then the rest of biotech. This brings us to the Tale of Two Biotechs. There are the Over Loved and over owned biotechs that are mostly on my list and I want to buy them on any pullback. Then there is the Higher Risk biotechs that are getting sold to run out and buy the Over Loved biotechs. If you know of one of these cheap biotechs feel free to ask me to add it to my list. Just don't be upset if I say it either falls into the "overvalued" camp or "the higher risk with issues" camp.

The goal of this project is to try and identify the hidden gems in the Dog pound of biotech and try to find somewhere, anywhere to buy in this biotech market. I will preface this project with the fact that 90% of the unloved companies by the market are ones I don't want to own either.


At first look of the Dogs, I think EXEL and PTLA jump out at me as value worth betting on. The rest are cheap for good reason, and I would not touch them. Both EXEL and PTLA have been cheap due to being one hit wonders with little to no pipeline beyond that. All the companies on the list are still much higher risk then those on Loved side. MDGL is really cheap with over $400 million in cash, but so much competition in NASH has led many to believe this one hit wonder will have much lower potential. It still might be worth a bet on it best in class data so far. 


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Pues de momento, no ha bajado tanto...

Hoy ha hecho mínimos en 5,30, y de ahí, para arriba, hasta los 5,77 de estos momentos, con un máximo intra de 5,8$ y un volumen decente.

A ver si se cumple tu pronóstico y la tenemos en 6,5 esta misma semana, que es la media a la que la llevo....jejejeje

Un saludo


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Máximos del SP por lo pelos,, por poco.

Fijaros en el Nasdaq, rotundo e impresionante.

A ver hasta dónde nos lleva la complacencia.


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Sí, fui yo. Sigo dentro

«Después de nada, o después de todo/ supe que todo no era más que nada.»


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Cayendo 4% en after

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
released mixed results on Wednesday from trials testing
the survival benefit of its immunotherapy Opdivo in combination
with either chemotherapy or its other immuno-oncology drug,
Yervoy, as an initial treatment for advanced lung cancer.
The U.S. drugmaker said that Opdivo combined with
chemotherapy failed to extend overall survival more than
chemotherapy alone in patients with advanced non-squamous
non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
The result sent Bristol-Myers shares 3% lower in extended
trading, as it is likely to further solidify the domination of
rival drug Keytruda from Merck & Co as an initial
treatment for advanced lung cancer, by far the most lucrative
oncology market.
Both multibillion-dollar sellers are already approved for
lung and several other types of cancer.
Opdivo did demonstrate an improvement in overall survival in
combination with Yervoy in lung cancer patients whose tumors
expressed at least 1% of the PD-L1 protein that the drug is
designed to target. That accounts for about 70% of NSCLC
patients, the company said.
Merck shares rose about 1% in after hours trading

«Después de nada, o después de todo/ supe que todo no era más que nada.»


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Voy tarde, pero nadie lo ha puesto: Resultados fase I

announced positive results from a phase 1 clinical study evaluating experimental oral factor D inhibitor ACH-5228.

So what
You might wonder why Achillion stock would jump so much on data from a phase 1 study. The answer is that the results were really that good.

ACH-5228 was given to 43 patients who received oral doses of the drug ranging from 40 mg to 200 mg twice each day for 14 days. There was also a single-dose cohort of 240 mg. At dosages of at least 120 mg twice per day, ACH-5228 demonstrated near complete and sustained alternative pathway (AP) inhibition with a mean value of greater than 95% at steady-state concentrations. The alternative pathway is a key component of the immune system.

What all of this means is that ACH-5228 appears to hold significant potential in treating immune-related diseases where the AP pathway plays a critical role. The drug could even become the best-in-class AP inhibitor.

It also bolstered investors' confidence in Achillion's factor D program. The biotech's first-generation AP inhibitor, danicopan, first validated factor D as a target. Achillion plans to begin a phase 3 study for danicopan in early 2020.

Now what
This phase 1 study of ACH-5228 was conducted outside of the U.S. Achillion expects to file for approval in the fourth quarter of 2019 with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to begin clinical testing in the U.S. The company hopes to also advance ACH-5228 into phase 2 studies targeting multiple diseases.

«Después de nada, o después de todo/ supe que todo no era más que nada.»

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