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Investing in a time of geopolitical change

Webinar formativo realizado en colaboración de IE

60 minutos
Webinar gratuito
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Asiste a nuestra próxima Master Class the finanzas impartido por uno de los profesores más reputados de IE Business School, Milo Jones: 

(La sesión será impartida en inglés)

The various scandals engulfing social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are only the tip of the digital iceberg towards which governments, societies, and geopolitics generally are headed. Digital technology is permeating every part of how we are governed - and affecting whom we choose to do the governing.  At the same time, perhaps less visibly, it is affecting authoritarian societies. In this session, we'll explore how digital technology has become what philosophers call a "formal cause", i.e. something that does not merely have effects, but that is actually structuring and shaping political and social choices, and then we will explore how these factors will change investment opportunities.  


Webinar impartido en colaboración con IE Business School. 


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Milo Jones
Milo Jones
Strategy | Intelligence Analysis | Geopolitics | Investing

Visiting Professor at IE Business School

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Milo Jones
Milo Jones
Strategy | Intelligence Analysis | Geopolitics | Investing