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Farmas USA

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Farmas USA
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Farmas USA
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Ostras, pues a mi también se me ha ejecutado una órden - $3.63 - de esas que llevaba tiempo puesta... estoy dentro.



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AMRN semanal

de perder los 3,5 pues ya apaga y vamonos ...



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Tras el double top en 14,0x ...  si mañana pierde los 12,70 el corto me ira bien y con permiso de la MM20 en 12,5x podrian verse pronto los 12,01 ... 




Re: Farmas USA



Merger con Molecular Templates. Pasa a cotizar mañana como  MTEM. Hoy al cierre R/S 1-11.


merger with Molecular Templates, Inc.  As a result of the stockholder approvals, on July 31, 2017 , the Board of Directors of Threshold approved a reverse stock split of Threshold common stock at a ratio of every 11 shares outstanding to be combined and reclassified into one share. The reverse stock split will become effective at 5:00 p.m. EDT on August 1, 2017 . Subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions, the closing of the merger with Molecular Templates is expected to occur shortly following the effectiveness of the reverse stock split. Additionally, an equity financing in the amount of $40 million is expected to close following the closing of the merger with Molecular Templates, and a separate $20 million equity investment is expected to close following the $40 million financing. Assuming the closing of the merger occurs as expected, the shares of common stock for the combined company, which will be renamed Molecular Templates, Inc. , will commence trading on The NASDAQ Stock Market on a post-reverse stock split basis under the new symbol "MTEM" on August 2, 2017 .


Re: Farmas USA


Ayer comentaba su exclusión de Express Scripts. El Bastardo añade que las ventas bajan: -9%.

He encontrado este comentario por ahí, pero no sé cuánta verosimilitud tiene:

If express scripts covers 20 Million people, according to them that would exclude 134,000 patients. (The PBM was quick to highlight, however, that the new exclusions would only affect 0.67% of its members while saving cash overall.) While 134,000 isn't small, it isnt a great number either. If, people do not do well on Linzess, they can petition the Insurance company for an exception to the exclusion. In the future, it may be covered if the costs of the easier dosage outweighs the relapses of patients who have problems with the dosage and side effects of Linzess. I would not be scared away from the company.



Además, Express Scripts coloca el Tymlos de RDUS frente al Forteo.

La lista, por si alguien quiere buscar las suyas:



Re: Farmas USA

Mi primera farma, con esta me desvirgué ... bye bye forever ... 



edito: cerré el corto en FOLD hoy, la pasta era lo de menos, lo importante era que el primer corto fuera bien y asi fue. :) A por el siguiente ... 


Re: Farmas USA


"Given that REDUCE-IT is conducted under an SPA agreement with the FDA, Vascepa is going to get the FDA approval if the REDUCE-IT study obtains a final p-value lower than 0.0422 between the Vascepa and the placebo groups."

Qué recuerdos los acuerdos con la FDA.

" Considering the product used in the JELIS study, Epadel has the same active agent as Vascepa, it is a pretty strong support of the potential positive REDUCE-IT results. The sample size also is one of the major strength of the trial. "

A paper that was published back in 2015 compared multiple prescription omega-3 fatty acid products, it found that the biggest advantage Vascepa had over its competitors, was that unlike DHA-containing products (such as Omtryg, Epanova, Lovaza and generics) it did not increase LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol).

 Vascepa also has competition coming from dietary supplement companies that sell omega-3 products (Reckitt Benckiser's MegaRed for instance).

These OTC omega-3 products tend to be way cheaper and it is far from sure physicians will consider the fact Vascepa is EPA-pure and FDA-approved as a really significant advantage over the omega-3 dietary supplements.

This latter hypothesis may be the reason why it will prove even more difficult for Vascepa to heavily penetrate the patient’s population with TG levels only slightly higher than the norm.