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  • 1:20 -- The companies that produce the devices are very mindful about what they’re doing. They are trying their best to ensure that we spend a lot of time on their devices.


  • 2:04 – This is an addiction, but it’s different from the typical definition of addiction. We’re talking about experiences and behaviors even though the brain responds pretty much the same way.


  • 2:40 – A study done where teenagers were given a choice: You can either break a bone in your body or you can break your phone. 46% of people prefer a broken bone to a broken phone.


  • 3:53 – We would rather have physical pain than social pain and being ostracized, ignored or left out. For a lot of people, the idea of not having a phone is the idea of being out of communication.


  • 4:56 – I advocate that people spend 3 or 4 hours every day in a tech-free period. You interact with people or with nature or whatever else you want to do.


  • 5:37 – How much of a challenge is it now for parents?


  • 6:40 – If you have a child who’s never experienced face-to-face conversations then there’s nothing to be nostalgic for. It just seems like part of an era that’s long past, part of the olden days, but it needs to be built back into the culture.


  • 7:23 – What are the most concerning pieces to you about social media? The real world feedback with real people.



  • 9:03 – I think social media is an inherently negative vehicle for communicating information because you are either anonymous or removed from other people. You never have that feedback. It’s easy to bully.


  • 11:20 -- They become a part of what’s essential about living. Instead of being wants, they become needs.


  • 11:39 -- Do companies understand the potential pitfalls?


  • 13:09 – Content is King, but it needs to be delivered to you in some way.


  • 13:43 – There is a study showing that if you have a phone upside-down on a table while you’re have a conversation with someone, the content and the connection that you form is degraded.


  • 14:10 – What can we do about it? Take off all the sounds, remove notifications… It’s sort of Pavlovian.


  • 16:45 – Phones and technology have value, they are useful in some sense. You have to ask: is this very useful to me?


  • 19:10 – Don’t use your phone 90 minutes before bed.


  • 19:39 – Modify your environment and incentives in order to improve your behavior.




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